Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today is a day to begin again!

I know, I know you must think AGAIN????  Yes, again, as I look in the mirror these past few days I've been saddened by the fact that Tony has made me fat!  Ok so its not Tony's fault but his cooking and our eating out has NOT helped!!!  I do however love my bathroom mirror because for some reason it makes me look thinner!  I'm not sure how but its helpful!  I would be depressed all of the time if it weren't for my mirror!  lol  I have packed on quite a bit of weight these past 4 yrs and it is sooooo bugging me!  I know there will be those of you that say, then do something about it!  Do you have any idea how hard that is?  I have struggled with weight my entire life!  I was always the heavier one of the family.  I have always had to try to lose weight.  It is not a fun existence!  I just want that one magic pill that does it all!  I am not good at exercising and I have more stress in my life than most so that doesn't help, add that to my little sleep you have a walking heart attack!!!  I know that I need to get my booty up and to the gym but I wonder when I could do that!  I am out the door by 4:45am every morning and off work at 5pm in the evening.  I go home, make dinner do a little laundry, make sure my girls are taken care of then hit the bed!  I'm tired!!!  I know that I just have to do it!  Need to start out walking 30 min after dinner and progress from there.  I'm hoping that I can stick with it this time.  I am wanting to look decent for when I get married!  So that gives me who knows how long!!  Feb?  March? May?  July?  Oh well, I need to be ready!  I need Abbey's perserverance and maybe drive so I could possibly run a 5k!  Doubt it but hey its worth a thought! 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually eat what is yummy and still be smart enough to stop before we eat it all?!?!   I like the Buffalo Chicken salad at Madrocks and I want to eat it all!!!  Maybe a cheat day?  I'm sure I can talk myself into all kinds of scenarios but bottom line is, I control what happens with me and I need to control this now!  Hoping for some drive and will power!  I can't expect it to just fall off but I'm not going to live life deprving myself constantly either.  I WILL find an in between!


ABBEY! said...

You can do it!! :) Just make the small changes and eventually you'll look back and wonder how it became easy! Don't deprive yourself from the things you love and be forgiving of your body :)

littlemdl said...

Sanx Abs!!!

Anonymous said...

I have also gained weight over the past 4 years, 20 lbs according to my doctor, and I hear you! It's SO hard to get it off, but I've been ordered to do so for the sake of my overall health. Working out alone is just not making a difference.

Come Monday I'm starting a modified Paleo diet. Apparently the belly fat just melts off by cutting out wheat, dairy and refined sugars. Eat mostly meat, veggies and berries and give yourself two "cheats" every week.

Anyway, best of luck with whatever you choose to do!

littlemdl said...

Thanks for the info! I will have to look into that! I am notorious however for always wanting what I "can't" have! Hopefully, we will both have luck!