Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Official day one.

So here we go!  Today is officially the start of my weight loss journey.  Not sure what I'm embarking on but am willing to make it all public!  I'm starting out this morning with a special K protein bar.  They are actually pretty tastey so all is good there.  Lunch will consist of cottage cheese.  Of course I am needing to go to the grocery store to buy to easy to pack items which I don't have at the house right now.  My problem is going to be packing my breakfast and lunch.  Getting up at 4:30am every morning makes it a little difficult to pack a lunch but I'm going to do it.  No excuses. 


littlemdl said...

Ok so I'm hungry! Lunch will be soon though so I should be good!

Cmom said...

Not sure what your work food area is like (i.e. frig space/microwave) but I bought an insulated Dillons bag which I carry my lunch stuff in. I keep progresso soup in my desk and try to throw yogurt, stuff to throw together a salad or healthy bread/lunch meat to fix a quick sandwich into my bag to carry to work. I also get Weight Watcher or Lean Cuisine meals to keep in the freezer at work so I am never caught without food.
I am so proud of you. You are beautiful no matter what weight you are at and I can't tell that you need to lose a pound....but if it is something you want to do for yourself....I say GO FOR IT!!!!

littlemdl said...

Thanks Lisa! That means alot coming from you. I know that with people like you behind me I can only succeed. Just when I think my life is hard I look at how much you have endured and really know that I can do anything as well. You really are an inspiration!