Thursday, September 1, 2011

You know what irritates me????

I'll tell you what irritates me, its the parents who try to be their kids friend.  I didn't have kids so that I could have more friends!  I am so tired of dealing with parents who don't want to upset their kids when they say no to something even if that something could be detrimental to the child.  They are CHILDREN come on people.  I have always said I can be friendly with my kiddos but they are not my friends.  Braylan is now 23 and we are more friends than anything but that being said he is still respectful and if I have to I still can use the mom card.  I love my kids alot and THAT is why I have boundaries and rules.  I'm not a mean mom or a dictator but I do require a certain amount of respect and obedience.  Is that wrong?  I have seen certain kids walk all over their mother and it just be allowed.  I have also seen her justify their actions and that just shows them they don't have any responsibility for their actions.  Go ahead walk out the door even though I told you that you couldn't go anywhere and see what happens.  NOTHING......  What I find the most sad part is these kids are craving rules just to show they are cared about.  That's what is so hard for me, kids need structure like it or not.  You may not be the most popular parent on the block but why would you want to be???? 

On a different note totally, my baby boy (yes he is 23 but will always be my baby)  has his first College football game on Saturday and I can't tell you how excited for him I am!   He has worked so hard for this.  I know this is what he loves and I'm so proud.  We will be traveling to Lawerance to cheer him on!  Our weekends will be busy for sure but it will be so worth it!  Love you Bubba!!!

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