Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So it seems that I am going to give this a go again!

I'm just gonna go with a little about me for this first adventure into the new blog world.  I am born and raised Kansan.  I grew up in Mulvane, Ks until 6th grade then moved to Derby where I finished out my schooling.  At the age of 15 I found out I was pregnant.  It was a tough time for sure but I chose to push forward and had a beautiful baby boy by the time I was 16.  My life definitely went in a different direction but I was blessed with wonderful parents and a wonderful baby boy named Braylan.  I finished school a semester early and tried to find something I could do that would benefit not only myself financially but also provide for my son.  I chose Radiologic Sciences, luckily there was a two yr program at St. Francis Hospital.  When I graduated as a Rad tech I got my first job as a Mammography tech with Dr Joy Darrah, I was 20.  The toughest decision I ever made was to move out of my parents house shortly after.  Braylan had a tough time with it at first since that is all he knew.  I have to admit that being a parent at such a young age was tough.  I wasn't the best Mama I could be and being a single mom under the age of 21 was difficult.  Needless to say we both survived and thrived.  I got married in January of 1997 and had a beautiful baby girl Kailtyn in April of 1998  and 2 1/2 yrs later had my youngest little girl Kolbi. 

In 2005 I went thru a divorce and until recently been primarily single.  I am now in a wonderful engagement with Tony (someone I went to high school with) its been a whirlwind for sure!  He has brought in 5 more kiddos to the mix.  We just recently got a house together and are planning on marrying next summer (due to FAFSA requirements with my son's college we are waiting)  His youngest, a little 4yr old girl named Payton, lives with us full time as well as my two girls.  She reminds me how tired I am most days!  lol  His other 2 girls we see every other weekend and his oldest two boys ages 16 and 14 we don't get to spend a lot of time with.  Anyway,  for today I think that's enough of my life (in a nutshell) so hopefully I will take a little time tomorrow and talk about something much more fun!

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