Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So I had the best intentions to post daily but you know how life is!!!

Today is Wednesday, but right now I'm referring to it as the 3rd day of hell in the life of a new computer system at work!!!!  It has been less than ideal lets say!  But today I am going to focus on something I'm looking so forward to!  Football!!!

 My son Braylan will be playing this year for Tabor College and I am soooooo excited to actually go watch him on the field again!  This is what he loves!  We have sacrificed to get him to this place and hopefully he won't be sacrificing his knee again throughout this process.  Considering where he and I started and where he is now I'm a pretty proud Mama!!!   He may not have had all the finer things in life but I do think he has gotten to see the meaning of hard work thru me and he is striving to make his life his own now.  Don't think this will be a very long blog today due to piles of lab orders on my desk needing to be put in to the new system but just wanted to write a little! 

Hope you all have such a wonderful day!

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